New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2014!

This blog is something I have wanted to start for some time now, and what better day than the first of the year?

Now, how do you start you first blog post? One tip I read about how to “hook” your audience is by sharing a statistic. Here it goes: 9 out of 10 dentists recommend the toothpaste being sold in every toothpaste commercial. I made that up, but I think it’s true.

Tip 2: get nostalgic.Remember the days when kids played outside, climbed trees, and the curfew was when the street lights came on? Growing up, there were two maple trees in our front yard. The trees in the yard were relatively young, meaning, they were still pretty easy for youngsters to climb. And climb we did. The tree on the right had a forked trunk, and the tree on the left had a branch that stuck out horizontally. My parents always warned me to be careful when I would climb the trees, but I was a kid. I was invincible. I climbed those trees with the neighbor kids, with my cousins, and by myself. I was good at it. Nothing bad would happen to me. Except, that it did. I fell. I was hanging on the branch that stuck out horizontally, and my hands slipped. I fell to the ground and landed flat on my back. It was the first and only time I have had the “wind knocked out of me.” It was scary for me, but probably more scary for my parents. I think my climbing days came to an end at that time. I learned I wasn’t invincible.

blog intro collage

Ok, enough with the “tips.” I really wanted to start a blog to share the creative things in my life with others. I love all things artsy, crafty, and photography. I want to be a better writer and photographer, and what better way to do and share those things?

With that said, my 2014 New Year’s Resolution is to start this blog.

Buckle up!


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