Horicon Marsh, Waupun

Horicon Marsh Wildlife Area, Waupun, WI

Last Saturday, we took some time to visit a favorite spot of mine, the Horicon Marsh near Waupun. It was a nice day except for the mosquitoes. I was on the lookout for birds, and this trip did not disappoint. This location has a nice boardwalk where you can walk out over the marsh and observe the wildlife. We saw a variety of birds, a few turtles, and a water rodent (probably a muskrat, but it was too far away to really tell).

Horicon Marsh Boardwalk

The beginning or end of the boardwalk, depending on where you start…

Horicon Marsh - Bird in Tree

It’s so adorable!

Horicon Marsh Brid in Tree

Another one!

Cormorant in Tree - Horicon Marsh

The marsh, along with a cormorant posing in a tree.

Foster's Tern Horicon Marsh

This Foster’s Tern is chilling out here, but when they spot something to eat, they nose dive into the water.

Blue-Winged Teal Horicon Marsh

A pair of blue-winged teals.

At this point we were off of the boardwalk…and then there were geese. Lots of geese. The parents were pretty wary of us and there was some hissing, but we made it through the crowd without any issues.

Horicon Marsh Geese

All those babies!

Adventures: Parfrey’s Glen

Parfrey’s Glen is another scenic area near Devil’s Lake State Park. It is probably more commonly known than Pewits Nest. At one time this was a nice and easy trail with a board walk, but in 2008 and 2010 storms flooded and damaged the area. Unfortunately¬†this means the trail is not as accessible for all people. Still, if you are able, it is worth the little hike to the small waterfall in the gorge. Just wear good shoes.

Parfrey's Glen Waterfall

Starting with the end. This is where the end of the trail will lead you.

Parfrey's Glen Parfrey's Glen Parfrey's Glen

New Life

New Life

Parfrey's Glen Parfrey's Glen

This is definitely a place I want to return to in the fall.

Adventures: Pewits Nest

In an effort to be more adventurous and practice my skillz of photography, we’ve been making an effort to get out into nature a bit more. The most difficult part of this for me is the mosquitos. I hate them, they love me. Nevertheless we took some time yesterday to visit a couple of places near Devil’s Lake State Park: Pewits Nest and Parfrey’s Glen.

Pewits Nest:

I like collecting things, but space can be an issue (example: I want all the huechera for my garden, or antique cameras, or bottles etc.). I can collect pictures of things, though. It’s started with birds, and as of yesterday, mushrooms.


‘Shrooms of Pewits Nest – Comment if you can identify these for me!

These were all pretty tiny mushrooms, except for the one in the top right. I’d say it was about 3-4 inches in height.

I expected this to be a short excursion, and while I think the landscape would be prettier in the fall, winter, or spring before leaves are on the trees, it did not disappoint. We had to work around people, which is fine (and expected!), but I think I may have missed out on some nice shots because people were in the way.

Once we found THE perfect spot to view the little waterfalls, my day was made.

Pewits Nest Waterfalls

Pewits Nest Waterfalls

Pewits Nest Waterfall

Pewits Nest Waterfall

Here are a few other photos from this location:



Pewits Nest Stream

Pewits Nest Stream

A log!

A log!

Another shot of the stream

Another shot of the stream

Get outta my way!

This is the shot…the one where I would have like to have been able to spend more time taking pictures. There were people in the water and they didn’t show any signs of moving. You might not know they are there, but you can see the reflection in the water. I’m so crafty!